The WORST 3rd quarter team ever, our NY Knicks.

Alright, the season is over. This is the 3rd season in a row where the Knicks have gave themselves a hot carl to the face after Christmas and their season went down the tubes. I say this almost every post now, “Just wait until the 3rd quarter begins” then we see who the real Knicks are. Like, it Tim Hardaway going to make that big of a difference when he comes back? I don’t think so. The team played ok in the first half, just enough to keep the game close. Minus their terrible defensive rotations when trying to guard the three ball and god awful interior defense. Gortat was made out to be the greatest big man ever because the Knicks interior defense stinks. John Wall was able to drive and do whatever he wanted to and the Knicks did nothing to adjust. But, they were still in the game. Then, the worst 3rd quarter team in NBA history appeared out of the shadows.

The Knicks tied their lowest scoring total of the season in the 3rd quarter with a whopping total of 13 points. 13! That’s atrocious. They did not even look like they were up to play after this back-to-back where they got waxed in both games. My new goal for this year is to somehow sneak my way into the Knicks locker room at halftime and see what’s really going on in there. Are they drinking? Huffin’ glue? I don’t know. But, I got to get to the bottom of this because this is wack. Every Knicks fan on the planet should be furious and want to know what is going on in that locker room at halftime to make our team come out looking and playing like a Leo DiCaprio and Marky Mark’s characters did in the Basketball Diaries. And then the best part of all, they get down by 18 or so and then it clicks, “Maybe we should start playing huh?” They tease us as to try and mount a comeback, break the deficit to less than 10 and get their powers sucked out of them like in Space Jam. I feel like I’m writing the same exact stuff I did for the last game, but it’s true. The season is over. Worst 3rd quarter team in the history of forever. Maybe next season will be better? Because this season is starting to irritate all Knicks fans. Knickstape.

Highlight of the game. Masked Ron Baker. Masked Ron Baker is 1000% better than regular Ron Baker. Maybe wear the mask full-time?


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