Celtics Crap on Knicks 

This team is atrocious. I don’t know why I was so optimistic to think that there was potential for this team after getting rid of Melo. Figured it be different with KP being the man and trying to develop a younger core to give Knick fans some hope. I thought it was going to be a season that was going to actually be watchable for the New York Knicks. Welp, I was wrong.

This was yet another game that was unwatchable and had me wanting to turn the game off. Even with Melo, they love being down by 20+ points. There’s just ZERO offense, besides KP. When teams shut him down, the Knicks have no one else on offense to pick up team up. Kanter gets buckets around the basket and has been doing well rebounding, with almost double digit boards in the first quarter. Hardaway Jr. was shooting 15% on the year before making his first bucket versus the Celtics in the second or third quarter, it really doesn’t matter. That is appalling for your second offensive option with that insane contract. But, there no legit other scorer than KP and it’s sad.  Bright side, Willy had 12 points in 11 minutes.  Huh, maybe play him more Jeffy?  Kid can play.

What’s worse? Offense or defense? It’s really a toss up. The defense can’t guard their own shadow. Celtic players were easily going around Knick defenders driving, laughing and leaving a fresh fart behind them because whatever Knick got beat and was was trailing right behind them. Terrible rotations, leaving Kyrie, Tatum, Brown wide open. God they suck. To top it off, Willy finally got into the game mid third quarter and Dotson got in mid fourth. I would love to sit down with Hornacek and have him explain to me his game plan. And why in God’s name does he continue to give Ron Baker a ton of minutes. It’s going to be a long year. Knicks tape.

I decided to start ending my posts with a question for you guys to get some chatter going. Do you guys think the Knicks should fire Hornacek now? (Similar to what the Suns did with Earl Watson)

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