To watch or not to watch the Knicks?

I’ve seen a lot of chatter on twitter about not watching the Knicks because this season, is yet again, another wash. Does it make us bad fans for not wanting to watch the games with Porzingis being out, the younger talent not playing well and always losing? It’s a toss up. But, I don’t think that makes anyone who doesn’t watch a few games a bad fan. I mean, come on, the team stinks. The Knicks have never been good at developing players, that’s just a fact. Frank and Mudiay started last night and I was the happiest guy ever and then the game started and they stunk it up. However, I am really not looking into much winning right now. I want to see these younger players, Frank, Mudiay, Burke, Williams, Timmy, everyone basically., develop and become used to one another. They don’t have to win, but I’d like to see them become a unit and start to play like a team. Get to know everything about each other and build from there. However, all of their 23 coaches, obviously, aren’t helping and won’t help. That also falls on the shoulder of the head coach, who needs to go. However, Jeff’s coaching like he is going to be back next season. God, I hope not.

I still watch games to see the young players try and develop and see what the future may hold. As of the last two games against the Kings and Blazers, it doesn’t look great, but what are you going to except now. I’ll be watching games, but not as intense as I was at the beginning of the season. What’s the point of getting so worked up over a team that only makes you mad and cringe? The Knicks are still our team, but we all have to admit that it is very hard to watch them, especially under these circumstances. In their last 14 games the Knicks have won one game. That. Is. Pathetic. All we Knicks fans can do know is hope that the younger group of guys start to gel and carry some good teamwork into next season. Knickstape.


Good/Bad win for the Knicks last night

Very indifferent about the Knicks win last night against the Magic. First off, it’s the Magic and they stink. Second, the Knicks should be losing games, not winning them. What is really the point of winning games right now? A playoff push? Well, that ain’t happening. And it ain’t happening next year. Sorry to break it to you. I was a watching the game when they were losing and I was actually happy since they need a good draft pick. Preferably a small forward. Lose, lose, lose. Then, in the second half, the Knicks young bucks, Burke, Mudiay, Hardaway Jr., played very well and picked up the defense. The Knicks ended up winning the game and at first I was not happy. But, I sat there thinking, maybe winning games with this young squad isn’t such a bad thing. It will make the future a little bright right now since it has been very dark since KP went down with a torn ACL, basically because he was caught up with Jenn Selter. Yes, it’s all her fault. But, give all the young players time the rest of the way and develop them. Now is the time. I was glad to see Jeff actually did what he said he was going to, by playing the younger players. He basically has to since he job is in jeopardy. Anyway, just got to ride the rest of this season out with the young bucks. Hopefully, the play well and find good chemistry so everyone is gelling once the unicorn comes back until the 2019-2020 season. Knickstape.

When is this torturous season going to end?

6-21 in their last 27 games is pitiful. This team has once again become one of the laughing stocks of the NBA. Enough of the “trying to make the playoffs” still, pack it in already. With Porzingis going down, their also done next year too, so lock that in. Throwing it out there, if I was in the Knicks front office, I would not even bring back Porzingis next season either. He wouldn’t be back until at least next year’s All Star break and the Knicks will surely be out of playoff contention by then, so there’s no point to bring him back next year. The 2019-2020 season is what well all have to wait to see what the future holds.

Only thing the Knicks can do now is develop our young, hopefully promising, backcourt consisting of Mudiay and Frank. I really like those two on the floor together and think, in time, they’ll work very well together. Mudiay’s game is perfect to pair together with Frank, if he can develop into what the Knicks think he can be. I like Mudiay’s aggressiveness, pick-and-rolls, and how he likes to shoot off the screen. However, with Jeff coaching this team, I don’t see the future that bright. He has to go if the Knicks want to in the right direction.

Last night was yet another prime example of why Jeff needs to be fired now. Knicks looked good in the first half then crumbled in the second half, per usual. Hardaway with 32 in the first half and then with 5 in the second half, give me a break. I’m not even mad they lost, I was actually happy. Why win now? There’s no need to, they stink and not making playoffs, again. Lose, lose, lose, lose and get a good draft pick so they can develop whoever they get to be ready for the 2019-2020 season when Porzingis returns. All of us Knicks fans should probably just go to sleep until 2019 or whenever Porzingis returns because it will be ugly until then. Knickstape.

Highlight of the game. The game ended.

Make moves and tank. Knickslife.

It’s time for the Knicks to make some moves, but also tank. This road trip has basically sealed the fate for the Knicks and this season. I’ve said once, I’ve said it a billion times…the Knicks can’t play on the road and should start to look to improve the roster and develop a better team for next season. There has been a bunch of noise starting about what players could be on the move including, Hernangomez, Lee, O’Quinn and Kanter. To be honest, I’d trade them all if I can get picks and/or youth in the process. It would be nice to keep Hernangomez, but depending on what Scott Perry can muster up in return, as long as it moves forwards, not backwards, I’m game. Also, as good as Kanter has been for the Knicks this season, I’d trade him and his salary for something positive in return. He plays well in the first half and then basically gives you nothing in the second half and can’t play the entire game. If you can get a first rounder for Kanter, dump him. As for Lee and O’Quinn, whatever gives you the best deal, take it. Lee is having the best season of his career and can provide offense and defense to a contender, so hopefully they would be willing to give up a high pick or young talent. As goes for O’Quinn, expect he is not having his best season of his career. The Knicks should have dumped him to the Clippers last year when they were willing to give the Knicks a first or second rounder for him. Also, team want Lance Thomas? Take him. Good defender and that’s it. Occasionally he’ll hit the three, but he is a guy the Knicks can get rid of too. The Knicks should ditch Ron Baker, but Hornacek’s man crush isn’t going anywhere which is mind blowing.

The Kings have mentioned looking to move Skal Labissiere and Malachi Richardson, so that could be useful to the Knicks and their ties to Perry, as he was the one who drafted them. They’re young, still developing and having a bright future if in the right system. If the Knicks do trade O’Quinn to the Warriors, who expressed interested, in return I’d like a first or second rounder pick and Patrick McCaw. I don’t really know what Perry has up his sleeve, but if he is as good of a GM as everyone says, then I believe he will be looking to wheel and deal come trade deadline as teams want some of the pieces the Knicks have…and they can have them. Knickstape.

Timmy and the Knicks shimmy their way to victory

Thank god we have Timmy back. Timmy had his best game back from his leg injury and man did he look good. He took the game over in the second half and showed how he is exceeding expectations from that contract in signed this past off-season. That game was rollercoaster. It was a tug-of-war match and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. At one point, the Knicks and Jazz both looked like they were in control of the game. The Jazz looked like they were in control in the first half, as the Knicks looked flat and could not contain Gobert in the post. They still couldn’t contain him in the second half anyway. I thought it was just another Knicks game in the first half as their was to much isolation and terrible inferior D, as the Jazz seemed own the boards.

As for the second half, it was the Timmy show. He lit it up from everywhere. Capped it off with a 4-point play that put the Knicks in the driver seat until they almost blew up at the end. MVP Beasley and KP helped out with the scoring, but they had off nights. But, that’s ok since we finally have some back, Timmy, to pick up the scoring. Also, Trey Burke got his revenge game back in Utah. He played his most minute since getting called up from Westchester and he played very well. Handled and controlled the offense, made good driving kick back passes to KP to 3 and shot the ball well. Burke should be able to deliver more offense than Jack, Frank and Baker and could be seeing more minutes down the stretch after his performance last night. Last night was a much needed victory as the Knicks continue their long road trip. I’m taking the winning and quickly moving onto the next one. Knickstape.

Highlight of the game. Shimmy Timmy is back.

Stick a fork in the Knicks

Alright, I think I’m at the point in the season where I’m on the brink of not caring about this team anymore and about to go all in on tanking. For like the past month, I have blogged about how much this team pisses me off despite having some games where we think they could break through or get over the hump. But, it’s not going to be this season. I’m also not going to mention the individuals on their performances last night because they aren’t deserving of it, yeah even you KP. The Knicks stink. Jeff is an awful coach and should have been fired immediately after that game. The Grizzlies were without Mike Conley and Marc Gasol and they DESTROYED the Knicks. It doesn’t matter that the Knicks came back and most, should have won, they still lost to a below average team and that also makes them very below average.

Even with Timmy back you would think that the Knicks would have some extra juice and get all smoked up to play with having one of their main guys back, nah. They played down to their garbage opponent and in return played like a dumpster fire and deserved to lose that game. I wish they did not even come back because that’s the Knicks just teasing all of their fans, like they do every game, to put up a front saying, “Hey! We could be good, if we want.” But, no. Let’s continue to lose all the games they should win, continue to get eaten alive in the paint, not bother contesting a 3 point shot and just pack it in this season and pray we find a gem on the draft to pair with KP, Timmy and Frank for the future. Knickstape.

Highlight of the game. Nothing.

Knicks Weekend/MLK Recap

Real quick. The Timberwolves game was garbage. From the start, the game was over. The Knicks got down early and had to try to fight their way back to even make it a game. In the end, the Knicks had a terrible all round team performance, even worse interior D, with Towns man-handling them, dumb fouls, even dumber turnovers and not even putting a hand up when they shot a 3. The game was the worst.

As for the Pelicans game, another blown lose for the Knicks. Up by 19 and let the Pelicans dominate the 4th quarter, quickly erasing that lead. That game really pissed me off because it was Timmy’s first game back, he looked good, played good and was all pumped up and the Knicks couldn’t close. That’s the story of their season. They can’t close. Knicks couldn’t capitalize on all the missed 3’s the Pelicans had in the 4th and ended up taking another L to the dome with a heartbreaking L in OT. There was to much ISO much KP towards the end of the game when it started to go the Pelicans way. Also, if it wasn’t for coming out insanely flat in OT and then Old Man Jack’s middle school pass on that breakaway to Beasley the Knicks could have still had a chance, but no. Can’t close.

The Battle of the Borough. The Knicks finally closed out a game. We did have a little scare there, in the 3rd quarter, of course. Also, wasn’t that the longest 3rd quarter ever? Both teams combined for like over 20 free throws and there was still 7 minutes left in the quarter. But yeah, the Knicks let the Nets back into the game getting rid of a 16 point lead rather easily. KP had a lot of stupid fouls taking him out of the game for most of the 3rd, but thankfully, we have a MVP caliber player in Michael Beasley. Beasley did his thing helping the team offensively pick up the slack with KP in foul trouble and Timmy resting. Frank also had his first career double-double and just missed a triple-double. By far Frank’s best game. He was confident, aggressive, and made smart passes. I do wish Jeffy would have played Trey Burke more. He knocked down that one mid-range shot, which is what the Knicks need, and made a few decent passes to step up KP for a bucket. Knicks got a much needed victory and they continue their 7 game road trip. Knickstape.

Highlight of the weekend. Finally signing Trey Burke.

Demoralizing lose from Knicks kryptonite, Bulls

This season, the Bulls are the Knicks kryptonite. Knicks lose to the Bulls again, making this 3 loses on the season to the Bulls. I’m done saying last night pissed me off because every game like that pisses Knicks fans off. Playing at home last night was suppose to be the Knicks bread and butter, but not against the Bulls. Kryptonite. Lauri Markkanen poured in 33 points on the Knicks with 8 three pointers. If I hear him being called ‘baby Dirk’ one more time, I might go crazy. Porzingis was suppose to be baby Dirk until this guy bursted onto the scene. Knicks also let Denzel Valentine, bum, and Robin Lopez have 20 points each on them, which should not have happened. No Knick put a body on Lopez in crunch time or in the overtime’s, allowing him for rebounds and tip-ins that should have made Jeff’s head explode. Even though Kanter can be a defensive liability at times, I still think he should be in their at crunch times to put a body on the big guys because they always seem to torch the Knicks down-low.

Knick GIF by SB Nation - Find & Share on GIPHY

And the Knicks will be the Knicks. Get a lead, not a big one last night, and can’t put the team away. They don’t have that x-factor or killer instinct like other ‘good’ teams have to seal the game. They should have had at at home, but I guess that’s gone. Porzingis had way to much isolation last night, it was almost like I was watching Melo all over again. He doesn’t seem to be fluid in the offense at times and it’s frustrating. He’s trying to draw the contact to get the foul and it isn’t happening. A LOT comments and excuses coming from KP too, about how he was just “running up and down”, “got to be better”, I know he can’t do it all, but come on man. However, that dunk to send the game into a second overtime was vintage KP. But, Knicks need Timmy back, for the 100th time. MVP Beasley poured in 26 points and continues to be electric off the bench. He was a walking bucket in the second half. Old Man Jack with his second career triple-double and Knicks first since 5 years. However, why was Jack taking some of the biggest shots of the game? Yes, the one big one to send them to overtime went in, but why in god’s name was he the one shooting that three to send the game into a third overtime? That’s KP or Lee’s job. Jeff’s play calling at times is just mind blowing. His only good play call was the curl play for KP with the slam as time expired. Oh well, last night was another demoralizing lose for the Knicks and their fans. That’s just how this season is going to go I guess. Knickstape.

Highlights of the game. KP’s dunk to send the game into a second overtime and Old Man Jack throwing the ball of the back on the defense to inbound it to himself and make a clutch layup.

Patricia as the Giants HC doesn’t seem to be to bad

To be truthfully honest, I did not want Matt Patricia to be the next head coach for the New York Giants. Until, I read a few articles and found out that he has a degree in aeronautical engineering. Oh by the way, he’s a defensive coordinator, which basically is the bread and butter for the New York Football Giants organization. Those were really the only two words, aeronautical engineering, I needed to see for me to be like “hire this man now!” This guy is very smart and could be launching stuff into space and he’s coaching football? Sign me up. Book smart, obviously, and football smart as well. The Giants thrive on defense and this guy is the definition of defense. He’s a large man, giant beard and backwards hat. If that doesn’t scream defense then I don’t know what does.

Patricia has the built the Patriots defense to be pretty good and very underrated, in my opinion. They did get ripped up a bunch of games or so, but when push comes to shove, they are grinders. For instance, look at last years Super Bowl, shutting down the Falcons offense in the second half. Their first game this season, they were blown up for 42 points against the Chiefs, weeks 2 and 3 gave up over 20 points, Week 4 gave up 33 points to the Panthers and Patricia was on the hot seat. After Week 4, they have only given up 20+ points twice. I’d say thats pretty good and they have made major improvements. That’s all on Patricia. I hope that is what he will bring to the Giants because defense wins the Giants Super Bowls, 2007 and 2011.

Since, I read a bunch of stuff on Patricia, I really hope he is the candidate the Giants choose. I know he doesn’t have any head coaching experience, which is what Mara wants, but he has been the defensive coordinator for the Patriots since 2012 and has been apart of 3 Super Bowl victories, in some aspect. This is definitely a better match than Wilks from Carolina, who is only in his first season as defensive coordinator for the Panthers, and McDaniels might want to work with Andrew Luck, who still has years left, over Eli. As for now, I’d be very pumped if the Giants to choose Patricia. GiantsPride.

KP helps Knicks capture a road W without MVP candidate, Michael Beasley

Our Knickerbockers played a lot better than the score appeared last night. Even though, there were some times when the game looked like it was going out get away from them. They also played without MVP candidate Michael Beasley, which is just a heartbreaking loss for one game. The Knicks almost blew a 10 point lead, which would have been icing on the cake for this season. Throughout the entire game, the Knicks played solid defense, but let the Mavs back into the game off of pure laziness. The unicorn was in the zone again and it was good to see, ending up with 29 points, and the bearded Bat Mitzvah king helped carry the Knicks to victory. O’Quinn was a freak beast on the glass and scoring at will, it appeared, ending up with a much needed double-double. I would not want to be playing against O’Quinn as he could be the most aggressive/scary man in the NBA, when he wants to. O’Quinn’s Turkish double-double brother, Kanter, also was a freak beast on the glass with 18 boards and 13 points. And of course what everyone wanted to see, Frank vs. Dennis Smith Jr. Round 1 went to Frank. Frank is one long S.O.B. which helped him grab rebounds, disrupt passes and play a lot better defense than Smith Jr. Frank also had a +/- of -2, while Smith Jr. was at -10. Towards the end, it was the same old Knicks just trying to blow the game, making their fans go crazy. But, if it wasn’t for old man Jack, it probably would have been an L. A clutch floater in the lane after what seemed like another terrible 4th quarter for Jack helped the Knicks not crap themselves as bad and sneak out of Dallas with a much needed road W. Knickstape.

Highlight of the game. Showing clips of Timmy participating in contact practices’. If this team wants to make the playoffs, they need Timmy back in a big way.