OBJ’s New Deal & the Future

’13’ is sitting on 95 million and 65 million guaranteed, my god! It was only a matter of time until the deal got done. Thankfully, the deal got done before the season began. Beckham definitely deserves the money he’s going to be receiving from the New York Giants. I was a little skeptical about the long-term deal because I knew that he was going to get the most money possible. My thing was wanting to see Beckham on the field in game situations, making sure that ankle was alright before a deal would be in place. However, I knew that the deal must be done before the regular season began. We couldn’t have it lingering over our heads all season because that’s all the media would talk about if he was under-performing.

The Giants now have Beckham locked up for 6 years and Saquon Barkley for 5 years. That is a great place to start. The Giants are young, versatile and very dynamic. We can’t forget about Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram. Fans shouldn’t be worried about the offense to much. The right side of the offense line needs work, but the left side will be good for a few years. The defense still has holes and we’re weak at the corners still. However, the Giants are in a great place right now. David Gettleman has done a remarkable job as the GM and the future only continues to get brighter to the GMen. Once we find that future QB, things will look even better.


Post Draft Thoughts

First off, it’s really hard to be a Knicks fans. The fans that were in attendance and who booed the Kevin Knox pick are the ones that give Knicks fans a bad rap. Nothing is ever good enough for Knicks fans. Come on guys. The kid is 18-years-old, give him a break. Knox is the type of player that the Knicks needed. Another very young talent, to pair with Frank and Porzingis, who has tremendous upside for the new coaching staff to build upon. It was a good pick. Does he have flaws? Yes. But, I’d rather take a chance on him as compared to Michael Porter Jr and that question mark of a back.

As Knicks fans, we have always tried for the quick fixes and that worked for three seasons when we made the playoffs, 2010-2013, but it really didn’t get us anywhere. The Knicks have missed the playoffs the past 5 seasons, do you actually think that Michael Porter Jr. was going to waltz into the Garden and carry this team, on his bad back, to the playoffs? Absolutely not. So, I’m unsure why all those fans were chanting his name. I guess they didn’t do their homework to know that Porter Jr’s back isn’t the best. There are now reports that he might not even play this coming season. I’ll stick with the Knox pick.

As I continue to think more and more about the Knox pick, I like it even more then I originally thought. I was all down for drafting Mikal Bridges, since he appeared to be one of the most NBA ready players in this draft, maturity wise and defensively. But, Bridges was a little older and I’d rather take a chance on a 18-year-old player, pair him with other promising youth and see what we get. It’s something new for the Knicks and our fans. And it’s something our fans certainly do not like.

Knicks fans do not like change, obviously. We want to be good now and win now. But, it isn’t going to happen. We need to start fresh, build through the draft and develop our young core. Hoping and praying that we land a free agent isn’t going to do us any good because it hasn’t worked out for us since Amar’e and Tyson came aboard. This is the new regime, youth. Our young core is something that we should be very excited about. Knox, Frank, Timmy and KP, when he comes back. We got something brewing. And if Fizdale can help Mitchell Robinson realize his potential and mature, then we really have something cooking.

This is the new New York Knicks. Youth development. No more quick fixes. We are now going to try to take a play out of the Warriors playbook by trying to build through the draft. Most likely, we’ll have another lottery pick next season and that will be even better for this coaching staff and players to continue this new youth movement. In the meantime, we just have to sit and watch these young players develop. Hopefully after next season, we can begin to see that there actually is light at the end of the tunnel for our Knicks…in 2020. Knickstape.

What trades can the Knicks make this offseason?

By. Josh R.

Draft day has an endless amount of possibilities for any team to get creative in a way that helps them today or for the future. Last offseason, we saw names like Jimmy Butler, Zack LaVine, D’angelo Russell and the 1st and 3rd picks getting swapped before or on draft day itself. Minnesota became a playoff team with the addition of Jimmy Butler, Jayson Tatum was magnificent and has a tremendous future ahead and even the smaller deals can end up with a guy like Kyle Kuzma, the 27th pick. With that being said, what moves can the Knicks make that will give them the bright future that we fans have been longing for.

NY Knicks receive – Kenneth Faried & the 14th pick

Denver Nuggets receive – Damyean Dotson

The Knicks make this trade because they eat the +13 Million that Faried costs and get a future asset with the 14th pick. The Nuggets do this because Nikola Jokic is due up for a major payday, need the cap space and will get a decent young asset for the bench.

I like it for both teams, Knicks clearly have nothing to lose, and Denver is on the cusp of being a very good team and needs to continue developing the talent they have already accumulated. If given a chance, Dotson could flourish as well.

NY Knicks receive – Kawhi Leonard

SA Spurs Receive – Frank Ntilikina & the 9th pick.

Spurs make this trade because, they keep Kawhi out of the west and get a prototypical Pop player in Frank and a top 10 pick in a deep draft. The Knicks make this trade because they get a top five player, on both sides of the court, in the NBA.

I don’t like it for the Knicks that much, obviously only make this deal if he commits long term, but let’s try to build thru the draft and sign free agents without trading talent and draft picks.

NY Knicks receive – 4th pick, Chandler Parsons

Memphis Grizzlies receive – 9th pick, Tim Hardaway Jr & Damyean Dotson

The Knicks only make this trade if they really feel significantly better about whomever may be available at 4, hopefully Doncic, and get rid of the extra year that THJ has over Parsons on his contract. Memphis does this because they get rid of the albatross of a contract while getting a good scoring 2 guard, something they never had, and a young piece in Dotson.

I like it for the Knickerbockers because you can try and get rid of both Parsons and Noah next offseason while still retaining Frank and hopefully adding one of the best players in the draft. The Griz don’t have a pick next year and landing a project like Jaren Jackson Jr. or Bamba won’t help much while Gasol and Conley are under contract. They could potentially make a playoff push with Conley, THJ, Mikal and Gasol.

NY Knicks receive12th & 13th picks

LA Clippers receive – 9th pick, 36th pick & Courtney Lee

The Clips do this if they have someone at 9 that they really value over whomever they may get at 12/13. Lee can contribute and is a great veteran presence and the 2nd rounder is high enough to get an impact player. New York does this if the player they want it drafted before 9 and they decide to add more talent, say Miles Bridges and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

I really like this deal the most, especially if they don’t have what they want at 9 waiting for them. The draft is deep enough to get good impact players at 12 AND 13.

NY Knicks Receive – Kyrie Irving

Boston Celtics Receive – 9th pick & Damyean Dotson

New York does it because they get an all-star point guard that they have be so desperate for and immediately become a playoff threat with Kyrie and KP. Also, the Knicks are scared that he might stay in Boston or go elsewhere in the summer of 2019. Boston does it because they know he is leaving and he tells teams he isn’t resigning. Brad Stevens will likely turn Dotson into the next Ray Allen somehow.

Don’t do it NY, please no. Trade for Kyrie if it doesn’t involve any 1st rounder, but I would gamble on free agency when you have cap space.

Let’s see what the Knicks decide to do in the next few weeks. Even the smallest moves can make the biggest difference.

Kawhi to the Knicks? Possible, but Doubtful.

Over the past couple days there has been a lot of rumors about trades and possible superstar acquisitions that New York Knicks could potentially be involved in. The most recent one, today, Kawhi Leonard, wants out of San Antonio. According to Bleacher Report, the Lakers and the Knicks are at atop of his list. Leonard as some family ties to New Jersey, so that’s a start for us Knicks fans. However, unless the Knicks give up Frank, more young players and future 1st round picks, I don’t really see any way that the Knicks are able to acquire Leonard.

The Spurs are not going to just let Kawhi walk in 2020. They are going to want something in return. There are plenty of other teams that will have better packages to offer the Spurs as compared to the Knicks. The Knicks could not give their players away. What make you think that since all of sudden Kawhi, allegedly, may consider New York that we have all these assets to get him. We don’t. The only players that are worth value to our franchise and moving forward is Porzingis and Frank. In my mind, those two players are untouchable. But, if the Knicks do get serious about trading for Kawhi, one of those players will need to be involved.

KP isn’t going to be the guy that’s involved in a trade, therefore leaving Frank as the attractive piece for the Spurs. So, Frank would have to be involved, other player with upside, Tim Hardaway and most likely some picks like this year’s 9th overall pick and possibly future picks. Kawhi is not going to be cheap. Some of you are thinking that the Knicks should just wit until 2020 and try to sign him then when he’s an unrestricted free agent. By 2020, Kawhi won’t be an unrestricted free agent, he’ll already be signed for a long-term deal somewhere. Knicks can’t wait around if they really do want Leonard.

No player is waiting for their contact to be up so they can sign with the Knicks. Maybe, Kyrie, but he also thinks the earth is flat, so who knows what’s going on in his mind. So, if the Knicks really want to Kawhi, considering the Knicks are apparently on his list of destinations, then the Knicks will have to put together a good enough package to get him. It’s not going to be easy and we might lose future picks and a young player or two that we want to see grow and flourish within our organization, but this is also a business. The Knicks want to be good to again you know.

Kawhi has had his fair share of injuries, but some would rather take a chance on him rather then continue to wait and hope that eventually down the line our young draft picks can turn into something and attract free agents. To be honest, I don’t see Kawhi coming to the Knicks, but if the Knicks were to go out and try for him, they’d have to give up young talent and future picks to get him. Any type of rumors are like get Knicks fans excited when our team is mentioned, but we need to be realistic. Knickstape.

What should the New York Knicks do with Enes Kanter?

With the NBA Finals predictably won by the Golden State Warriors and the 2019 NBA Draft rapidly approaching, free agency isn’t far away. The looming decision of LeBron James will have everyone focused in on July 1st to hear of any reports of where the King will play basketball this coming October.

One potential Free Agent that won’t catch the attention of many fans outside of New York is Knicks big man Enes Kanter. Kanter earned the hearts of a lot of new fans this past season playing in New York with his old school ‘nitty gritty’ style after playing most of his career on small market teams, like Utah and Oklahoma City. He averaged 14.1 ppg on 59.2% shooting along while grabbing 11 boards a game. All pretty good, especially playing only 25 minute per game.

Kanter did some great things last season with the Knicks. He consistently got down and dirty on the offensive glass, he had a ton of big time post moves and buckets when the team needed it. He brought a certain edge to the Garden that fans haven’t seen in ages. He didn’t back down from anyone (including the aforementioned LeBron) and stuck up for his teammates. That kind of attitude can be very useful for any team, but at what cost?

The reason the Turkish big man only played 25.8 minutes per game was because he had/has some major holes in his game. Kanter is a tough man with a bruiser mentality which is very nice and all, however, in 2018, that style simply does not contribute in a big way to any real contenders. He is a negative on the defensive end and is a below average passer. His range does not extend past 8 feet which virtually makes him a non-threat anywhere out of the post. At 17.5 million dollars, you are not getting your money’s worth.

The salary cap for 2019 is projected to be at $101 million. If Kanter were to opt into his contract, he would cost close to 20% of the cap and the Knicks work be paying current bust Joakim Noah and Kanter over $35 million!

Take a look at the top teams in the NBA, all of them have superstars and most of them do not overpay for bench players. Enes Kanter is best served as a backup on ANY NBA team. In the modern NBA where teams are launching 3 point attempts at an historic rate, a back-to-the-basket players with no rim protection and limited range will not do you much good as a featured starter. Paying for moderate talent is a recipe for ending up in the lottery every year.

The Knicks already overpaid for Noah and added Tim Hardaway Jr. to the long list of bad contracts this decade, giving Kanter a long term deal more than $8 million a year would be a colossal mistake. He has the ability to opt in, but that would only be a one year commitment and wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Knicks. I prefer to see the youngsters like Isaiah Hicks, Luke Kornet and whomever they may draft this year, but ultimately, it’s Kanter and his agents decision to make.

He had a nice season for the Knicks, however, it is time to avoid past mistakes and hold onto the cap space that we are finally accumulating and use it on a young superstar in July of 2019.

Do the Knicks resign Michael Beasley?

With Kristaps Porzingis being out for most of the year, the Knicks will be looking for someone to help pick up the scoring. For the time being, the offense will be ran through Tim Hardaway Jr. However, with the absence of KP, Timmy will be forced to have a bigger offensive role. So, he’ll be chucking them up this coming season. This is the season where Timmy is going to show us fans if he really deserved that 72 million contract. Improvement on his shot selection and consistency will be key. With that being said, Timmy is not going to be able to do it all himself. He’s going to need some help. Where’s the help going to come from?

In comes ‘The Walking Bucket’, Michael Beasley. Reports have been circulating that Beasley has some teams interested in him, the Suns and Hawks to name a few. The Knicks need to be players when it comes to the Beas too, but they can’t overpay for him. Knicks don’t have that much to play around with anyway. Beasley is going to be looking for a long-term-ish contract because he even said, “I’m tired of moving.” And rightfully so. I wouldn’t want to be moving around to a new team and city every season. You can also add two overseas stints in China. Yeah, I’d be sick of that too.

The Knicks should take a serious look at resigning ‘The Walking Bucket’ with KP being out. Beasley performed very well for the Knicks, despite his lack of defensive efficiency. Unless, he gets all fired up, then out comes the aggressive defense and dumb fouls, but anyway. Beasley was a fan favorite last season and gave the Knicks the spark they needed off the bench. His best game by far, 32 points against the Celtics, was when the Garden faithfully going insane and chanting “MVP!” Best moment of the Knicks season, if you ask me. Beasley had multiple games were he’d come off the bench and, literally, just score at will. Was he a gunner at times? Yes. But, no one else was scoring in those games and someone needed to take over. And he’s the right man for the job.

Beasley is already in the Knicks record books by being the first player to come off the bench and score over 30 points in a game playing less then 25 minutes since the 1970 season. He scores quickly and brings instant offense to the team when needed. If resigned, he’ll get more then 25 minutes to do his thing. Beasley is 29-years-old and not getting any younger. So, the Knicks need to take a hard look to see all of the positives in his game, Millay offensive, and bring him back. Fiz can work with his defense and other flaws. Even if he’s 29, Beasley should be apart of the Knicks future as role player. He’s found a home in New York and he doesn’t want to leave. At the right price, Michael Beasley should be a Knick for the foreseeable future. Knickstape.

Last thing, Beasley’s gifs are absolutely incredible. We need more Beasley gifs as a Knick. Even though he’s not on the Knicks in the two below, these are by far two of his best.

Top 5 Draft Options for the New York Knicks in the 2018 Draft

What should the Knicks do with the 9th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft?

By: Josh R.

It’s the Knicks fans favorite time of year again, June! No, not because they are in the NBA Finals competing for a championship, but because we have the opportunity to get excited for our potential future star.

Over the past 2 decades, the New York Knicks haven’t had much success drafting players at all. They haven’t had much success in anything but that is a whole different story. Ever since Phil Jackson took over as President and primary decision maker, they actually drafted decently well. Phil hit it out of the park with drafting Kristaps Porzingis, until the injury, and we all have high hopes for Frank Ntilikina, as he develops. But, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

What do the Knicks need in this year’s draft?

Let’s be straight up honest, the Knicks need whatever they can get. They are not stacked at any position and every single player on the team has major question marks. Porzingis now with a injury history, Frank still isn’t a consistent contributor on the offensive end. Dotson has yet to play long enough to deem him a long term starter and the rest of the team are under contract for 3 years or less.

They simply need to add whatever talent they can get their hands on. The obvious need is an athletic forward who can defend and add some scoring. They have KP, they have Frank, however, both of them play multiple positions and it wouldn’t hurt to add depth around them even if it isn’t a position of need.

New York struck gold when KP landed to them at number 4 and after just a few months, he became a fan favorite and the future star of the team. That being said, they still need another star, especially in today’s NBA. (See Golden State Warriors). Ntilikina is a solid prospect and may be a good player in the future, but he likely will be more of a “glue guy” then a top point guard. That being stated, who would be the best player to take at #9 if they are available?

Honorable Mentions:

Collin Sexton PG – Alabama

An absolute beast, but the Knicks don’t need another guard, who can’t shoot from deep.

Miles Bridges SFMichigan State

Athletic, talented and can shoot, but a bit undersized for a wing and isn’t the quickest laterally.

Wild Card:

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander PG – Kentucky

It would be real fun to see him and Frank in the backcourt together with that insane length, but the Knicks need some real offense.

Top 5 Options:

5. Wendell Carter Jr. PF/C – Duke

Wendell Carter Jr. is not a flashy player and won’t get many people excited when he gets his name called. But he’s a good rebounder, a capable shot blocker, can score out of the post and a has great court vision for a big man. Carter has long arms and can shoot the 3 ball. I see a potential Al Horford meets Draymond Green. He will easily fit next to KP and there would be no temptation to resign Enes Kanter.

4. Mikal Bridges SF – Villanova

If Mikal Bridges were 3 years younger, he’d be a top 5 pick in this draft. The league loves long athletic defensive minded wings who can shoot 43% from deep. But and a big but, he will be 22 before the 2019 season starts and that is a cause for concern. He will be an immediate upgrade to any team with his talent and experience, but we might already know his ceiling. While the Knicks can use a player like Bridges, but they can use a superstar even more.

3. Kevin Knox SF – Kentucky

Kevin Knox went quite under the radar in his lone season at Kentucky. He was not the most heralded recruit and Kentucky did not have a great season for Wildcat standards. He didn’t have a bad year, but he didn’t make name for himself the same way De’Aaron Fox or Malik Monk did. He’s got a great stroke, can create on his own and can play the 3 or 4 position. Knox superstar potential and can be a good defender. He may have a bigger bust potential than others, but he could be the best wing in this year’s class. Knox can develop into something special since he’s only 18 now and be 19 in his first NBA season. He’s still growing and can a ton of upside.

2. Trae Young PG – Oklahoma

The most mesmerizing player in college this year, Trae Young became a must watch on any night. 19-year-old kids just don’t shoot this well, it’s unheard of. We didn’t know who Steph Curry was until March of his sophomore year at Davidson and that was something to watch, let me tell you. Trae is small and not a good defender, but he has the most franchise-changing ability in this draft. His shot and skill should only develop with more experience, the heaves and bad turnovers will diminish with better coaching and teammates. The guard position is not currently a position of need for New York, but if he is there at 9, this might be the only way we get over missing out on Curry by one pick in 2009.

1. Michael Porter Jr. SF – Missouri 

Yes, I am well aware that he missed all, but 3 games. Yes, he seems to have a bit of a lazy playing style, but this guy was supposed to be the top player in the draft before the injury. Can a back injury lead to down the line issues? Maybe. But what if he’s a 25 PPG scorer and can be the number 2 (or 1) to KP. Philly drafted an injured player named Joel Embiid and that seems to be working out decently well. He can play the 3 and 4 and score from anywhere on the court with great size and athleticism. If MPJ unlikely drops to 9, Mr. Perry & Mr. Mills, please take him.

Obviously, anything can happen on draft night and any one of these players can be taken well before the Knicks pick at 9. This is a unique draft in which any player from 1 to 15 can be great or a bust. There are no Ben Simmons’ or Anthony Davis’ this year. Let’s get the best guy on the board and continuing to develop this team.

You’re on the clock New York.

Do the Knicks really need Trae Young?

So, Trae Young worked out for the Knicks today and there has been some buzz on Twitter about if he’s there at number nine, should the Knicks take him? Originally, I’m on team “NO MORE GUARDS!” However, there was a picture that resurfaced from a couple years ago of another guard who worked out for the Knicks. That man was Steph Curry. Maybe some of you’ve heard of him. He’s pretty good.

Some people on Twitter were putting the picture of Young and Curry side-by-side and captioning stuff like, ‘can’t wait until the this happen agains…’. And that got me thinking. Like I said, I’m on team, “NO MORE GUARDS!” However, that picture of Curry in the Knicks gear really triggered something in me and that was, I don’t want that to happen again. There was nothing the Knicks could have done anyway since Curry was picked one spot ahead of them, but it was one pick away from our entire franchise having a different look. With that being said, if Young just happens to be the next coming of Curry, you got to take him. Similar to what the Giants did with Barkley, you see someone special, you take them.

There’s no guarantee that Trae will be there with the ninth pick. Personally, I don’t see him slipping past Chicago or Cleveland. But, if he’s there and he’s as special as people think he could be, then he should be atop the Knicks big board. The Knicks really do need a small forward and that’s the kind of player I truly want, preferably Mikal or Miles Bridges, Wendell Carter or even Michael Porter Jr., but Porter is not as good of a defender that I’d like for this team. Knicks need a two-way player, the Bridges’ or Carter would be just fine.

Thinking about a youthful back court of Trae and Frank is intriguing though. The Knicks already have a crowded back court and someone will have to get the boot, but that’s for a different blog. The only thing that gives me pause about Trae is his defense, there isn’t any. Fizdale wants defensive minded team, so if he can pull that out of Trae along with his offensive capabilities and combine that with Frank, who we hope turns into an elite defender, then I’m cool with that.


However, as of right now, I am still team “NO MORE GUARDS!” Even if the Knicks ended up taking Young, I’d be upset for like 6 minutes, then order a Young jersey and pray that it turns out to be the right pick for the Knicks. But, the Knicks should be on the prowl for a two-way player because we need all the help defensively on the perimeter, in transition and down-low. Knickstape.

The French Prince Putting in that Work

After a long weekend of traveling, I finally get to talk about Frank Ntilikina, the French Prince, and those workout videos that were posted of him last week. My first initial was reaction was, “oh boy, we got something cooking here!” Frank was in France working out at Black Ops training and displayed some silky smooth moves cutting to the basket with some aggressive tight dribbling. He was also working on his long range corner three’s and showed some explosiveness when drove down broadway to hammer a dunk home.

These videos were brief, but got me very excited to see what’s in store for Frank next season. Don’t get me wrong, these are only practice videos, walk throughs at that, and nothing more. But with no Porzingis next season, basically, Knick fans need something to get excited about and the development of our future point guard should be it. However, the Knicks guard situation is very crowded. The Knicks have four guys that are looking for time next season, Frank, Burke, Mudiay and Baker. The hiring of Fizdale was a good thing for Frank as Fiz will look to develop Frank into, hopefully, the next Tony Parker. Frank has the biggest upside out of those four guards. Maybe Mudiay next and Fiz is going to try to get the best out of him also because Mudiay still has a lot of potential.

But, Frank needs the most minutes. He needs to be playing 30+ minutes a game. He’s young and still growing! He already has grown another inch since the beginning of his rookie season and now standing at 6’6”. Forgot to mention that he’s put on some muscle too. Frank needs time to develop into a lockdown guard that we’re all praying for. He flashed samples last season of what he’s capable of and we all thought that maybe this draft pick might not be terrible after all. Frank is long, lanky and could turn into an elite defender is coached correctly. Hornacek did not do that. Now, it’s Fizdale’s turn. And developing Frank’s overall game to mesh with Porzingis, when he returns, should be a top priority.


If Frank brings that sauce, he displayed, to the court next season along with the teachings from Fiz, we may have something to be truly excited about. We fans need something to be excited about for next season because it could be ugly. If we can begin fresh, developing young players with a new coach then we may actually see a light at the end of the optimism tunnel for the future. Frank better bring that sauce and keep getting us fans excited to see him turn into something that we all know and hope he’s capable of. Knickstape.

Fizdale and ‘New’ Culture Expectations

The hire of David Fizdale as the new head coach of the New York Knicks was fantastic. Similar to what the New York Giants were doing within their organization, the Knicks are looking to change their culture. As we all know, Jeff Hornacek was a Phil Jackson hire and that did not turn out like we all planned. Now with the new general manager, Scott Perry, making his first coaching hire in his GM stint, the culture has started to shift. Maybe the best move Perry has made yet was getting rid of Kurt Rambis. Defensive minded coach? Please. Cutting ties with Rambis made every Knicks fan happy, I’m sure of it.

First, Fizdale hung with the young guards, Frank Ntilikina and Emmanuel Mudiay, and he had a phone conversation with Kristaps Porzingis. Fiz was suppose to fly to Latvia, which would have been such a great move to get in the good graces with the Knicks superstar. Starting off on the right foot with his players and making a great first impression. That is exactly what the Knicks needed. Fizdale is also saying all of the right things, how he’s going to turn the team around and the players. This all sounds great. It’s making all the Knicks fans happy, but this is stuff that we’ve heard before.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Fizdale and to see what he’s going to do with the Knicks, but this isn’t your average team. This is New York. Expectations are always high. However, we all know that this season coming up isn’t going to be great. The only hope is to draft a forward, preferably small forward, and begin building a team with a new coach and young players. Get rid or let all the veteran players go we’ve been down that road to many times. That should be the expectations for this upcoming season. Get young, develop and build a new culture while we wait for the unicorn to return, hopefully, for the 2019-202- season. Knickstape.